Remedial Limitation

The State of California has implemented a regulation limiting the number of units students can earn for remedial/pre-collegiate basic skills courses to 30 semester units. In accordance with those guidelines, the North Orange County Community College District has established the following policy (AB 1725 Chapter 973, Statutes of 1988).

Pre-Collegiate/basic skills courses are defined as those two or more levels below college-level English and one or more levels below intermediate algebra. The North Orange County Community College District has designated certain courses as remedial/pre-collegiate basic skills courses. These courses include reading, writing, computation, learning skills, and study skills designed to ensure acquisition of those skills necessary for successful completion of associate degree, transfer and occupational courses.

Students shall be informed of the Policy for Remedial Limitation. Courses included will carry an appropriate designation in the Class Schedule and the Policy will appear in the College Catalog. Students enrolling in these courses will be informed of the limit during the matriculation/orientation process and instructors will be required to include this information in the course syllabus. These courses do count toward financial aid, work-study and athletic eligibility.

A non-exempt student who has completed 20 units in designated ­remedial/pre-collegiate basic skills courses shall be notified of the regulation limiting the number of remedial units. Information on the waiver and referral process will also be included.

All remedial courses taken by students enrolled in ESL (English as a Second Language) courses are exempted. Students identified by the District for learning disabled programs are also exempted. When, because of closed enrollment, students are unable to enroll in the next higher level ESL course, they do not lose their exemption status. Students with documented disabilities may petition the Admissions and Records Office for exemption status on a case by case basis.

Students transferring to the North Orange County Community College District from other colleges/universities will begin with a clean slate with regard to the remedial limitation. However, since remediation is totaled within a district, students transferring between Cypress and Fullerton College will carry their remedial units with them. Only those courses taken at a regionally accredited college/university, that are determined to be associate degree level courses or higher, will be applied toward an AA/AS degree within the district.

Upon completion of 30 units in designated basic skills courses, non-exempt students shall be notified that they will be unable to enroll in any additional remedial courses. Information on the waiver and referral process will also be included.

Students who show significant, measurable progress toward the development of skills appropriate to enrollment in college-level courses may petition the Admissions and Records Office for a waiver of the limitation on remedial course work. Students will receive a response, in writing, indicating the granting/denial of the petition. If the petition is granted, students will be informed of the specific period of time or the specific courses approved beyond the 30-unit limit. Students will not be allowed to enroll in courses beyond the 30-unit limitation without a waiver, which will only be granted in extenuating circumstances for students who show significant, measurable progress. The 30-unit maximum enrollment limitation is based on end-of-term units earned with any grade.

Students who do not attain full eligibility status for college-level work within the 30-unit limit will not be permitted to enroll in remedial/pre-collegiate basic skills courses unless a waiver is granted. Students will be referred to adult education non-credit courses per State regulations. The Admissions and Records Office will explain to students their enrollment limitation status at the end of the semester.

A student may, upon successful completion of appropriate remedial course work or upon demonstration of skills levels, which will reasonably assure success in college-level courses, petition to be reinstated to proceed with college-level course work. The petition is to be filed with the Admissions and Records Office.