Course Repeat Adjustment

In the case of a legally repeated course in which a student initially received a “D” or “F” grade at Cypress College, the original grade will be excluded from the grade point average upon request by the student. Exclusion of a substandard grade is not automatic if the course is repeated and a better grade is received. If the student opts to repeat the course a second time and requests its exclusion, the last grade received will be the only grade included in the student’s grade point average. A remaining substandard grade for the same course will not be excluded from the student’s grade point average except by an approved Academic Renewal. The exception to Academic Renewal is if the student has used the remaining substandard grade for the completion of an associate degree, certificate, transfer certification or Academic Renewal has already been granted and posted on the student’s permanent record.

Course Repeat Adjustment cards can be obtained in the Admissions and Records Office and must be submitted by the student. If the adjustment is approved, the student’s Cypress College permanent record shall be annotated in such a manner that all course work remains legible; however, Cypress College does not annotate or otherwise alter the permanent records of any other institution.