Petitions and Appeals

Petitions for extenuating circumstances and general appeals that relate to policies on admissions, readmission after academic dismissal, graduation, degree and certificate requirements, grades and credit, repetition of courses, academic renewal, withdrawals, etc., should be directed to the Admissions and Records Office. Guidelines and procedures will be made available.

  1. ACADEMIC APPEALS: Inevitably, with as many interpersonal trans­actions as occur on a college campus, disagreements with instructors may occur. Should that be the case, a student may take the following procedures:
    1. Discuss the matter with the appropriate staff member, preferably in private, and try to resolve the issue.
    2. Consultation with your counselor may also be helpful. If the problem cannot be resolved at that level, the following due process procedures are available to the student.
    3. Consultation with the Student Advocate at Associated Students may also be helpful. The Student Advocate is an elected member of the Student Government who can help the students to follow the procedures in presenting grievances.
    4. Students in vocational programs may need to see the department coordinator/director. Programs that deal with patient/client safety and accrediting agencies have additional policies located in their program handbooks and regulations.
    5. Students who have not been able to resolve classroom problems through an interview with their instructors and the department coordinator/director may consult with the division dean.
    6. If the problem is not resolved to the student’s satisfaction the student may file an appeal with the Campus Petitions Committee. Petition forms are available from the division deans or from the Office of Instruction.
    7. A student dissatisfied with the result of his/her appeal to the Campus Petitions Committee may appeal to the College President.
    8. Student appeals from the College President may go to the District Chancellor.
    9. Students dissatisfied with their appeal to the District Chancellor may make a final appeal to the District Board of Trustees.
  2. ADMISSIONS AND RECORDS APPEALS: Appeals regarding College decisions or policies may be made through the Admissions and Records Office. Appeals include matters relating to admissions, a student’s records, application or registration deadlines, grades and credit, repetition of courses, academic renewal, tuition and withdrawals, and readmission after dismissal from the college.
    1. Obtain the appropriate form from the Admissions and Records Office.
    2. Fill out the form giving all background information regarding the appeal and listing all specific extenuating circumstances. It is often helpful to obtain a supporting comment from a counselor or instructor and include that with the petition. If available, attach supporting documents.
    3. Submit the petition to the Admissions and Records Office. Note that the petitioner has certain responsibilities in this process. If an appointment for a personal interview is necessary, the student will be notified.
    4. A decision on the petition will be rendered by the Admissions and Records Office.
    5. Students can contact the Admissions and Records Office to determine the petition results.
    6. A copy of the petition and the written decision will be mailed to the student. The student shall execute the appropriate action as directed.
    7. Appeals of Admissions and Records Office decisions may be made through the Executive Vice President of Educational Programs and Student Services.