Non-Degree Credit Courses (Basic Skills)

These courses are intended to help students gain the skills they need to perform in “college level” courses. Therefore, Non-Degree Credit courses are not applicable toward the Associate Degree. However they do apply toward the following categories:

  • Athletic Eligibility
  • Social Security Benefits
  • Work Study and Financial Aid
  • Associated Student Body Office
  • Full-Time Status

The following are Non-Degree Credit courses:

CHEM 060 CChemistry Review1
ENGL 027 CBasic Study Skills3
ENGL 057 CReading & Writing I4
ENGL 058 C Reading and Writing II4
ENGL 060 CCollege Writing Preparation4
ESL 051 CIntermediate Pronunciation2
ESL 052 CIntermediate ESL Grammar 13
ESL 053 CIntermediate ESL Grammar 23
ESL 054 C Intermediate Academic Oral Skills (NNS)2
ESL 062 CAdvanced ESL Grammar 13
ESL 063 CAdvanced ESL Grammar 23
ESL 064 C Advanced Academic Oral Skills NNS2
ESL 066 CAdvanced ESL Reading3
ESL 081 C Low Intermediate Academic Reading/Writing5
HS 030 CCalculations for Medications1
HS 070 CHealth Care Communication0.5-1
MATH 010 CBasic Mathematics4
MATH 015 CPre-Algebra4
MATH 020 CElementary Algebra4

All other Cypress College courses are degree applicable.