Adding or Dropping a Class

All adds, drops and withdrawals are to be completed ONLINE through myGateway by the established deadline dates. If the student receives an Add Authorization Code from an instructor, it is the student’s responsibility to officially enroll into the class using the ADD code through myGateway on or before the deadline. Failure to do so will result in the student not being enrolled in the class.

A student will not be permitted to add a new full-term course after the end of the second week of school. For adding short-term courses (less than a semester in length) including late-start or short-term courses, the student should review the class schedule for published deadline dates.

Section Change

A section change denotes dropping a course and replacing it by transferring to a section that has different hours, days, instructor for the same course and/or transferring from a lower to a higher OR a higher to a lower level course. Courses must meet within the same date range.