Regular and prompt attendance in class and laboratory sessions is expected of every Fullerton College student. Students, therefore, should be thoroughly informed of and should comply with the following attendance regulations:

Attendance at the first class meeting is advised because of enrollment demands. Any student not reporting to the first class may be dropped by the instructor. In the case where a class is taught entirely online, instructors may drop students who have not been in contact with the instructor by the end of the first day of classes for that semester or short-term session. Students should not rely on the instructor to drop them from classes. Non-attendance does not constitute an official drop. Failure to officially withdraw may result in a failing grade.


By direction of the Chancellor of Community Colleges of California, attendance shall be taken at all class sessions. Absences are handled as follows:

After a student accumulates in any class more than a week’s absences (more than the number of times the class meets per week), consecutive or nonconsecutive, an instructor may drop the student according to the drop deadline dates.

For short-term or intersession classes, an instructor may drop a student who accumulates absences greater than the equivalent of one week of class during a regular semester.

For online classes, an absence may be identified as a missed assignment and/or inactivity in the course site.

Non-attendance or non-payment for a class does not release students from their responsibility to drop a class and may result in a failing grade being awarded.

Illness and Authorized Absences

  1. If a student accumulates an excessive number of absences due to illness or other reasons, and the instructor feels that the student can no longer profitably continue in the course, the instructor may drop the student from class.
  2. A student who must miss one or more classes because of a field trip or other authorized activity, such as athletics or music groups, may obtain an Authorized Absence Excuse from the instructor under whose supervision the activity will occur. The student shall have this excuse signed by the instructors of the classes that will be missed before the absence occurs. It is recommended that this form be completed at least two days before the activity. The signed excuse must be presented to the instructor in charge of the activity.
  3. No absence excuses a student from making up the work missed. Students should realize that every absence may adversely affect their grades.
  4. In the event a student is absent for a prolonged period of time, it is expected that the student will make contact with all instructors immediately to advise the instructor of this absence and the reasons behind it. The instructors can then decide whether or not the student may continue in the class or withdraw. It should be noted that failure to make this contact and follow through with the instructors could result in the student receiving a substandard grade in the class.

Student Responsibility

While an instructor may drop a student who has poor attendance, if a student wishes to drop a class, it is the student’s responsibility to log onto myGateway and drop. Failure to officially withdraw from a class may result in a grade of “F,” or “NP” being assigned.