Honors Program

College Center, Room 225, 2nd Floor

The Fullerton College Honors Program is designed to meet the needs of students who seek a challenging educational experience that goes beyond the regular degree program. The Honors Program incorporates a stimulating interdisciplinary approach for a more in-depth investigation of topics. Classes are kept intentionally small (20-25 students) to facilitate a discussion/seminar rather than lecture format. A reduced class size also encourages a more collaborative learning experience where students from different backgrounds and disciplines can interact more freely with each other and with the faculty members.

Honors students are eligible for special scholarships at Fullerton College and the opportunity to apply for Honors scholarships at four-year transfer institutions. Honors students may also apply to the Collegiate Honors Council. Honors students will have Honors sections designated on their transcripts, and students who complete the Honors Program requirements will have a special designation on their transcripts and degrees. Students in the Honors Program will also be eligible for priority and/or guaranteed transfer in their major to selected colleges and universities. For further information and application forms, please contact the Honors Program at Fullerton College at (714) 992-7133 or visit our website at http://honors.fullcoll.edu.

Honors Courses — Equivalency

An honors version of any Fullerton College course, designated by the letter “H” after the course number and before the letter “F” designation for Fullerton College courses, is considered equivalent to the traditional version of the course for the purpose of meeting Fullerton College prerequisite, corequisite, General Education (GE), and major requirements. Thus, an honors course may be used to meet any Fullerton College requirement satisfied by the traditional version of that course.