Classification of Students

Students are classified based on their class load as follows:

Full-Time Enrolled in 12 or more units
Part-Time Enrolled in fewer than 12 units
Freshman Fewer than 30 units completed
Sophomore 30 or more units completed

The minimum unit load to be classified as a full-time student is 12 units. A maximum load for any student is 19 units. Exception to the 19-unit maximum may be available with counselor approval.

It may be pertinent for students to consider the following semester unit requirements for particular privileges and activities:

Associated Students Elected Office: 5 units per semester, unless otherwise listed in “Eligibility For Student Offices,” form available in the Office of Student Activities (Room 223).

Athletic Eligibility: Full time: 12 units including P.E. classes

Veterans — See Veterans Resource Center (Room 518)

Work Study and Financial Aid — Full time: 12 units per semester; 3/4 time: 9 units per semester; 1/2 time: 6 units per semester

Work Hours/Class Guidelines

For each hour spent in class, a student should plan to spend about two hours in study and homework. On the 16-week calendar, a full load of 15 units will equate to 17 hours of class time plus 34 hours in study and homework for a total of 54 hours a week — more than a full-time work week. Following are suggested work hours/class guidelines:

Working Hours/Week Units
None 12 - 16
10 10 - 11
20 7 - 9
30 3 - 6
30+ 1 - 3

In order to maintain an academic balance, the following information should be considered:

  1. Students can expect to spend at least 3-1/2 hours (one hour and 10 minutes in class and two hours and 20 minutes outside of class) per week for each unit taken.
  2. Employment time and college time combined should not exceed 60 hours weekly.
  3. Students should distribute study time appropriately for each class — often preparation for a lecture class differs from preparation for a laboratory class.
  4. Students should consult frequently with their instructors — their office hours are designed for that purpose.
  5. To assist in their academic success, students should use the tutoring services, the library, counselors, and other support services.