Course Numbering


001 F – 099 F = Courses numbered less than 100 are remedial occupational and/or technical. They are not designed for transfer to four-year colleges and/or universities.

100 F - 299 F = Courses numbered 100 and above are parallel to baccalaureate-level courses and are offered for transfer to colleges and universities.

900 F- 999 F = Courses numbered 900 and above are unique. There is not an equivalent lower division course taught at the California State University or the University of California. These courses typically have the rigor and content of baccalaureate level courses.

NOTE: The transfer institution, however, will determine the extent to which a course satisfies the requirements of a particular degree program. Credit not otherwise applied shall be accepted as general electives to the extent that the particular degree objective permits. Students who plan to transfer to any campus of the University of California or other university or college should check with a counselor for transferable courses since some universities do not accept all courses numbered 100 F – 299 F.