Review and Release of Information

All student records of Fullerton College are maintained in accordance with the provisions of the Family Rights and Privacy Act of 1974. Copies of the complete text of this act are available in most libraries (see “Family Educational and Privacy Rights” in Shepherd’s Acts and Cases by Popular Names). The two basic elements of the Act are the student’s right to review and challenge his/her record and the conditions under which information in the record can be released to outside parties.

  1. Students may request access to challenge the correctness or appropriateness of any part of the record. However, students are advised that grades, though a part of the record, are considered final as assigned by the instructor and can only be challenged on the basis of clerical error, fraud, bad faith, or incompetence. Refer to Grade Change/Appeal Process for additional information.
    Students requesting to review their own records must present proper photo identification.
  2. Student information (except for directory information) cannot be released without signed permission of the student. However, student information will be released to those legally entitled to access under this Act. Directory information may include:
    • student’s name,
    • major field of study,
    • participation in officially recognized activities and sports,
    • weight and height of members of athletic teams,
    • dates of attendance,
    • degrees and awards received,
    • the most previous public or private school attended by the student, and
    • any other information authorized in writing by the student.
      (NOCCCD BP 5040 effective April 2009)
      Additionally, under the Solomon Amendment, all branches of the United States Armed Forces may request telephone numbers and addresses of all students age 18 to 35 for recruitment purposes.
      Currently enrolled students may request the information listed above be kept confidential. A “Notice to Deny Disclosure of Personal Information” must be filed in the Admissions and Records Office within the first two weeks of the semester. In the absence of having this form on file, the college may release information to any person or agency requesting such information.
  3. The law requires consent of the student or a court order before the District may release student records. When student records are subpoenaed, the student will be notified by mail to the last address on file of any such access, and the student shall have the right to request a copy of any information released in this manner.
  4. Any questions regarding the student’s rights under this act should be directed to the Dean of Admissions and Records.