Credit by Examination

The basic purpose of Credit by Examination is to allow unit credit for prior or advanced knowledge of class material by the student. Currently enrolled students may be permitted to obtain Credit by Examination in subject matter fields in which they are especially qualified through previous training or experience for which credit or advanced placement has not previously been given. Only those courses approved for Credit by Examination will be eligible. Examinations will be sufficiently comprehensive to determine that the student has essentially the same knowledge and skills as a student who successfully completes the course.

Credit by examination is available under the regulations listed below:

  1. Any currently enrolled student not on academic probation may challenge a course subject to the approval of the division offering the course. Not all courses may be challenged. Divisions allowing credit by examination are Business and Computer Information Systems, Fine Arts, Natural Science (BIOL 101 F and BIOL 102 F only), and Technology and Engineering. Contact the appropriate Division Office for information.
  2. A student may challenge and receive credit for a maximum of twelve-semester units. EACH COURSE MAY BE CHALLENGED ONLY ONCE.
  3. The student has the option of receiving an earned letter grade on the transcript for all challenged courses.
  4. The division may stipulate that a grade of Pass (P) will be granted instead of a letter grade.
  5. No student will be allowed to challenge a course less advanced than that which the student has already completed, and no challenge will be allowed for a course in which the student has previously enrolled and received a grade.
  6. No challenge will be allowed for a course in which a student is enrolled after the first two weeks of the semester.
  7. Students must pay enrollment and health fees.
  8. Students on fee waivers must pay the enrollment fees for credit by examination.
  9. Credit will not be posted to the transcript until all fees, fines, or holds have been resolved.


To initiate a petition for Credit by Examination, the student must confer with either an instructor teaching the course or the appropriate Division Dean. If it is determined that the student’s prospects for success in the examination are satisfactory, the student will complete the Credit by Examination petition, obtaining the signatures of the instructor and the Division Dean. Petitions are available in the division offices. The time and place of the examination, its content, and the arrangement for its administration are determined by the division.