Study Abroad

The Study Abroad Program provides students with opportunities to enrich their educational experiences by studying abroad for a semester or a summer term, depending on the program, while receiving Fullerton College units. The program normally offers only courses that can be enriched by the foreign environment. In addition, students gain a multicultural experience by living in a society that is different from that of the United States.

Fullerton College works jointly with Cypress College of the North Orange County Community College District in offering this program.

The foreign locations and the courses offered vary from semester to semester. Over the past decade Fullerton College has offered courses in China, Costa Rica, Germany, Great Britain, France, Italy, Spain, Australia, Ireland and the Czech Republic.

The courses offered in this program are Fullerton courses, which meet degree and transfer requirements, either as general education courses or elective units. Fullerton and Cypress faculty teach these courses. Students who are interested in participating in the Study Abroad program should meet with a counselor to see how the courses fit into their educational plan. 

To be eligible to participate, students must:

  • complete ENGL 100 F or ENGL 100 C with a grade of C or better
  • successfully complete 12 units in one semester
  • have a 2.5 GPA

There is an application process for interested students beginning in the year prior to departure to the foreign location.

For further information, call (714) 732-5688 or visit the website: