Remedial Limitation

The State of California has implemented a regulation limiting the number of units students can earn for remedial/pre-collegiate basic skills courses to 30 semester units. In accordance with those guidelines, the North Orange County Community College District has established the following policy (AB 1725 Chapter 973, Statutes of 1988).

Basic Skills Courses

Basic skills courses are defined as one or more levels below college level English and one or more levels below intermediate algebra. The North Orange County Community College District has designated certain courses as remedial/pre-collegiate basic skills courses. These courses include reading, writing, computation, learning skills, and study skills designed to ensure acquisition of those skills necessary for successful completion of associate degree, transfer and occupational courses. Fullerton College lists the following as its Basic Skills courses:

COUN 071 FAdaptive Computer Access1-2
COUN 072 FLearning Assessment0.5
COUN 075 F Adaptive Computer Access - Learning Strategies1-2
ENGL 059 FDevelopmental Writing4
ENGL 060 F Preparation for College Writing4
ESL 025 F Basic English Grammar for Non-Native Speakers3
ESL 029 F Idiomatic Expressions for Non-Native Speakers2
ESL 035 F Intermediate English Grammar for Non-Native Speakers3
ESL 036 FBasic Conversation3
ESL 038 F Fundamentals of American English Pronunciation for Non-Native Speakers2
ESL 039 F Vocabulary Expansion Techniques for Non-Native Speakers3
ESL 045 F Advanced English Grammar for Non-Native Speakers3
ESL 046 F Intermediate Conversation for Non-Native Speakers2
ESL 047 F Academic Preparation for Non-Native Speakers2
ESL 048 F Intermediate Pronunciation for Non-Native Speakers2
ESL 049 F Advanced Academic Vocabulary for Non-Native Speakers3
ESL 056 F Advanced Conversation for Non-Native Speakers2
ESL 058 F Advanced Pronunciation for Non-Native Speakers2
ESL 083 F High Intermediate Reading and Writing for Non-Native Speakers5
MATH 004 FBasic Mathematics I2
MATH 006 FBasic Mathematics II2
MATH 007 F Essentials of Basic Math3
MATH 010 FBasic Mathematics4
MATH 015 FPre-Algebra4
MATH 020 FElementary Algebra4
MATH 026 F Support for Introductory Statistics2
MATH 030 FPlane Geometry4
MATH 031 FSupport for College Algebra2
READ 027 FBasic Study Skills3
READ 036 FBasic Reading3
READ 056 FDevelopmental Reading3
READ 096 F Preparation for College Reading3


All remedial courses taken by students enrolled in English as a Second Language courses are exempted. Students identified by the District for learning disabled programs are also exempted. When, because of closed enrollment, students are unable to enroll in the next higher level ESL course, they do not lose their exemption status. Students with documented disabilities may petition the Admissions and Records Office for exemption status on a case-by-case basis.