Course Substitutions

A course substitution is the process of receiving formal approval from an academic division to use one or more courses to satisfy specific course requirements in a major for an Associate Degree or Associate Degree for Transfer at Fullerton College. An official Petition to Substitute Graduation Requirements must be signed and approved by the division dean for the student’s major, and is valid for one year from the time it is submitted to Admissions and Records. Petitions are not transferable to other majors. Substitution petitions should be submitted to Admissions and Records with a student’s graduation application by the published graduation application deadline. The petition will be accepted without the graduation application only if the graduation application was previously submitted for the current term’s graduation. Substitution petitions are required for all potential courses used for an Associate Degree for Transfer major taken at private or out-of-state colleges and universities or at the University of California, and may also be required for courses taken at a California State University or at other California Community Colleges. Students are advised to seek guidance from a counselor for a review of their other college transcripts to determine where substitutions are appropriate.