Audit Policy

Auditing of designated, approved college courses is permitted under specific conditions. Students may audit a designated course only if they have previously taken the course and received a passing grade and/or taken the course the maximum times allowable at Fullerton College.

An enrolled student choosing to audit a course must file an “Audit Request Form” in the Admissions & Records Office no later than the add deadline of the course. Both instructor and Division Dean approval is required prior to submitting the form. Once the request has been made, students will not be permitted to change from an audit to a credit status.

Fees charged for auditing college courses are subject to change. See the Admissions & Records Office for current Information and procedures. The fees per unit do not include the additional mandatory health fee. All students are strongly encouraged to purchase the campus photo ID card. All fees are payable at the time of submitting the petition. (Fees are not refundable.) Students on fee waivers must pay the auditing fees.

Audit petitions and procedures are available in the Admissions and Records Office.