Court Reporting Associate in Science Degree

Financial Aid Eligible

The Court Reporting AS degree prepares students for a career in court reporting. The curriculum is designed to develop a working knowledge of the field of deposition reporting and court reporting. The objective of the AS degree in Court Reporting is to provide a skill-based training program through traditional teaching methods with an emphasis on practical and hands-on application of subject matter. A 60-hour internship is required. To earn an Associate Degree students must complete: (1) all major course requirements with a grade of C or better; (2) Cypress College Native General Education requirements; California State University General Education Breadth requirements (CSU GE Breadth) or IGETC General Education requirements; (3) social justice, equity, and sustainability and reading requirements; (4) any elective courses to complete a minimum of 60 units; and, (5) have a minimum GPA of 2.0. At least 50% of all major course work must be completed at Cypress College. For information on specific university requirements, please consult with your counselor, or visit the Transfer Center. STUDENTS MUST FURNISH THEIR OWN MACHINE AND PAPER. This degree requires a total 33.5 units in the major, in addition to other degree requirements.

Required courses are listed in suggested sequence (33.5 units):
CTRP 071 C Legal Terminology and Rhetoric3
CTRP 067 CBasic Vocabulary Development2
CTRP 068 C Advanced Vocabulary Development1.5
CTRP 051 CCourt Conf Reporting - Legal3
CTRP 052 CCourt Conf Rptg - Medical3
CTRP 053 CCourt Conf Rptg -Congressional3
CTRP 055 CCourt Conf Rptg - Jury Charge3
CTRP 056 CCourt Conf Rptg - Jury Charge3
CTRP 076 CCourt and Deposition Proc3
CTRP 081 CInternship - Court Reporting3
CTRP 050 CCSR-RPR Directed Practice3
CTRP 074 CCSR-RPR Exam Preparation3
Total Units33.5

Program Student Learning Outcomes:

OUTCOME 1: Acquire the necessary academic skills and machine shorthand skills in order to take and pass the California Certified Shorthand Reporters (CSR) examination. Special emphasis is put on accuracy and speed with training in vocabulary, legal, medical, congressional record, and jury charge material. Students will also take the state-mandated capstone class in order to assess their academic abilities in medical, legal, court and depo procedures and other related fields to ensure a solid foundation for future success as a CSR. This combined skillset is necessary to be employed in the field of court reporting.