Practicum in Intermediate Machine Shorthand Certificate


This NON-CREDIT Practicum in Intermediate Machine Shorthand Certificate will prepare students for future employment in CART and hearing reporting.

Required Courses:
CTRP N030CCourt Reporting Lab5-90
CTRP N044CMachine Shorthand Speed Blg 35-90
CTRP N045CMachine Shorthand Speed Blg 45-90
CTRP N046CMachine Shorthand Speed Blg 55-90
Total Hours:20-360

A student who completes this program (degree/certificate) will

OUTCOME 1: Acquire the necessary intermediate skills to take dictation at speeds ranging up to 160 words per minute. The certificate is designed for intermediate level work in machine shorthand. This certificate will provide the students with stenographic skills that are applicable to non-court work specifically in law offices transcribing attorney briefs, general office work where dictated material needs to be transcribed, medical transcription, and other settings where recordation of meetings needs to be transcribed. These skills are necessary to seek employment as a transcriptionist.