CSR-RPR Skills Certificate


This NON-CREDIT CSR-RPR Skills Certificate, Certified Shorthand Reporter-Registered Professional Reporter (CSR-RPR) Skills, will prepare the student to take and pass the National Court Reporter's Registered Professional Reporter (RPR) examination and the California Certified Shorthand Reporter (CSR) examination.

Required Courses:
CTRP 030 CCourt Reporting Lab5-90
CTRP 047 CMachine Shorthand Speed Bldg 65-90
CTRP 048 CMachine Shorthand Speed Bldg 75-90
CTRP 049 CMachine Shorthand Speed Bldg 85-90
Total Hours20-360

Program Student Learning Outcomes:

OUTCOME 1: Acquire the necessary machine shorthand skills to take and pass at speeds ranging from 180 words per minute to 225 words per minute the following: California Certified Shorthand Reporters examination and the National Court Reporter’s RPR examination. These high-level stenographic skills are necessary in order to be employed as an official court reporter, deposition reporter, and Federal reporter.