Captioning Certificate


The Captioning Certificate is designed to prepare students who are interested in pursuing careers in broadcast captioning, both on-line and off-line, using the latest in real time technology with specific application software. Students will be encouraged to explore all areas of the captioning arena for future possible employment opportunities. To earn a certificate, complete the required courses as listed with a grade of C or better. At least 50% of all course work must be completed at Cypress College.

Required Courses are listed in suggested sequence (19.5 units):
CTRP 085 C Computer Aided Transcription - Dictionary Building2
CTRP 090 C Court/Conference Reporting: Literary3
CTRP 089 C Court/Conference Reporting: Literary ll3
CTRP 096 C Court/Conference Reporting: Literary III3
CTRP 092 CRealtime Writing Concepts2
CTRP 088 CInternship - Captioning3
CTRP 068 C Advanced Vocabulary Development1.5
CTRP 091 CAdvanced Dictionary Build2
Total Units19.5