College Level Examination Program (CLEP) Scores Applied to General Education

A student earning a score of 50 or above on a CLEP exam meets the following general education (GE) areas. The Cypress College transcript will show the CLEP exam credit applicable to the Native AA/AS GE as detailed below. Admissions and Records evaluators will adjust CLEP exam credit as applicable when a student applies for CSU GE Breadth or IGETC certification.

This CLEP policy information for CSU GE Breadth is available at: CLEP scores may not currently be used for IGETC.

Note: *Students should not repeat classes for which they have earned CLEP credit unless a specific university requires it for their major. CLEP transfer credit awarded for admission and transfer major requirements is determined by the CSU.

CLEP Exam CSU GE Approved Credit (Includes American Institutions) CCC GE Approved Credit
American Government D8 D
American Literature C2 C2
Analyzing and Interpreting Literature C2 C2
Biology B2 B1
Calculus B4 B2
Chemistry B1 B1
College Algebra B4 B2
College Algebra - Trigonometry B4 B2
College Composition n/a A1
English Literature C2 (prior to F’11) C2
French Level II C2 (prior to F’15 only) C2
Freshman College Composition n/a A1
German Level II C2 C2
History, United States I D6 and US-1 D
History, United States II D6 and US-1 D
Human Growth and Development E D
Humanities C2 n/a
Introductory Psychology D9 D
Introductory Sociology D0 D
Natural Sciences B1 or B2 B1
Pre-Calculus B4 B2
Principles of Macroeconomics D2 D
Principles of Microeconomics D2 D
Spanish Level II C2 C2
Trigonometry B4 (prior to F’06 only) B2
Western Civilization I C2 or D6 C2 or D
Western Civilization II D6 C2 or D

Note: CLEP Exams that do not receive credits for the CSU GE or Cypress College Native GE patterns are excluded from the table above.