International Baccalaureate (IB) Scores Applied to General Education

A student earning a score of 5 or higher on an IB exam meets the following general education (GE) areas. The Cypress College transcript will show the IB exam credit applicable to the Native AA/AS GE as detailed below. Admissions and Records evaluators will adjust IB exam credit as applicable when a student applies for CSU GE Breadth or IGETC certification.

This IB policy information for IGETC is also available at:

This IB policy information for CSU GE Breadth is also available at:

Note: *Students should not repeat classes for which they have earned IB credit unless a specific university requires it for their major. IB transfer credit awarded for admission and transfer major requirements is determined by the CSU and UC.

IB Exam IGETC1 Approved Credit (Includes American Institutions) CSU GE Breadth Approved Credit (Includes American Institutions) CCC GE Approved Credit
Biology HL 5B (without lab) B2 B1
Chemistry HL 5A (without lab) B1 B1
Economics HL 4B D2 D
Geography HL 4E D5 D
History (any region) HL 3B or 4F C2 or D6 D
Language A Literature HL 3B and 6A C2* C2
Language A Language and Literature HL 3B and 6A C2* C2
Language A1 (any language) HL 3B C2* (prior to F’13 only) C2
Language A2 (any language) HL 3B C2* (prior to F’13 only) C2
Language B (any language) HL 6A n/a C2
Mathematics HL 2A B4* B2
Mathematics: Analysis and Approaches HL 2A B4 B2
Mathematics: Applications and Interpretations HL 2A B4 B2
Physics HL 5A (without lab) B1 B1
Psychology HL 4I D9 D
Theatre HL 3A C1* C1

The IB Curriculum offers language at various levels for the native and non-native speakers. Language B courses are offered at the intermediate level for non-natives. Language A1 and A2 are advanced courses in literature for native and non-native speakers, respectively.